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Sunday, January 5, 2020

20 Most Dreadful facts About China You Didn't Know!!

20 Most Dreadful Facts About China!

facts about China

China just like India is also assumed to have an ancient civilization. India's civilization's main principle is " Live and Let Live " whereas China's civilization's main principle is to " Expand its Territorial Boundaries ". This is the reason, at first, it arrogates Tibet and now it waits for a chance to grab India's north-east territory.

Here are some of the Most Shocking Facts About China.

1. China's Army is the world's largest standing Army
                     China is the second country in the world after America whose military budget is very high approximately 13 lakh crores. China's army is worldwide famous for its strict training and aggressive nature.

facts about China

During training, a pin is inserted in the collar of new soldiers so that their head remains straight and disciplined.

2. You have to Get Permission to have Kids from the Government
                                                                            Chinese government follows strict population measures. Couples have to apply and be approved for a Family Planning Certificate, previously known as Birth Certificate.

Somehow, if you don't have the certificate then your baby will not be considered as legal.

3. To celebrate the summer people used to eat Dogs and Snakes

facts about China

facts about China
Yes, you read it right! Chinese people are actually Omnivorse. They used to eat Dogs, Snakes, Lizards, Cats, Monkeys and many more such things which other countries people do not even think to eat.

4. Only One Time Zone Exists in China
                                                                                                                                      China is the fourth largest country in the world, despite this China has only one Time Zone for the entire 9.597 million km². 

5. Women have to take a Bed Rest after giving Birth to Baby
                                                                     According to traditional Chinese medicine, women are advised for bed rest after having a baby so that they can regain their full fitness and health. During this time frame, they are not allowed to take a bath and wash their hairs. Moreover, they are not even allowed to walk for a longer duration of time.

6. You Can't do Business Deals without Drinking

facts about China

 In China people used to have a Drink to make the Business deals successfully. This is something that differentiates Chinese people from the rest of the world.

7. Vacation Time is the same for Everyone
                                                                                                               In China, normally people are not allowed to take any leaves. But when allowed, then all are allowed at the same time. According to certain reports, roughly 4 Billion trips are made in just 40 days during the vacation period.

8. TV Channels are Only Allowed to Watch at 7pm
                       In China, people are only allowed to watch a News program run on channel China Central Television which is 30 minutes of duration. This trend is coming from all over the years nearly 1980.

9. China will be the country having the most number of Christians                  According to some facts and data, China will be the largest populated country having the most number of Christians in the world by 2030.

10. China holds the Credit for Football

facts about China

 China invented the most popular game in the world right now-FOOTBALL. It is somewhat about 2200 years ago, the world's first football match was played by a ball filled with feathers and hairs.

11. In China New Year last for 15 Days

facts about China

 This is definitely one of the many interesting facts about China. In all the countries of the world where New Year is celebrated on a particular day, China celebrates it over more than 15 Days.

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12. Huge Difference in Sex-Ratio
                                                                                                                Due to China's One-Child Policy, parents only want a son so that they can expand their family. As a result of this, there are approximately 30-40 million more men than women. This is really a big concern for China Government.

13. China's Railway Lines can cover the whole Earth Twice

facts about China

China is having one of the world's largest Railway Networks which if arranged like a loop can cover the whole Earth twice.

14. Ban of Facebook in China

facts about China

China has banned the social media giant Facebook way back in 2009. They have their own version of Facebook and Youtube.

15. Panda Owners

facts about China

 All the Pandas which live in this world belong to China. It means if you have ever seen any Panda outside China it means that they have rented it from China.

16. Traffic Jams

facts about China

China because of its huge population usually suffers from traffic-related problems. The world's largest economy still suffers from traffic-related issues.

17. Medical Genuises are Born Here
                                                                                                                            The ancient period of China is very much developed as compared to other nations. They have discovered very unique and effective methods for the cure of almost all the diseases present at that time. They are the first to discover that blood is circulating in our veins.

18. World's Oldest trade route
                                                                                                        You may have read in your history books about the oldest trade route - The Silk Route is also here in China. During ancient times, many rulers have used this route for the transportation of goods and articles from one place to another.

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19. Toilet Paper Inventors

facts about China

The toilet paper that you used actually comes from China. During ancient times common people are not allowed to use toilet papers but only emperors are allowed to use it.

20. Dam that slowed down the rotation of Earth

facts about China

The Three Gorges Dam is the only manmade construction that slowed down the rotation speed of the Earth. It adds about 0.06 microseconds to the length of the whole day.

facts about China
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